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Good Morning/Evening/Midday whenever you read this! I wanted to start a ongoing type of post, and decided to call it “Coffee Chat” where I will be talking about anything and everything. From new things I learned recently to inspiration i’ve found or even things im into. I’ll post these Coffee Chats when I have something i’d like to share with you…so without further adieu-

I recently moved into a new apartment and wanted to share one of the struggles I went through. I have a lot of things, clothes, shoes, jewelry, blankets, trinkets, candles, pillows, books, papers and more. You only realize you have so much stuff you have when you begin moving! Thinking you only need 5 XL boxes…ending up with 35? Yeah, that’s me. After getting majority of the apartment put together and realizing how much unnecessary things I have, I found myself in a dilemma.

I moved into a bigger space, seemingly having more storage yet I couldn’t fit everything in a ‘spot.’ Closet has been stuffed to the brim, there are blankets and too many boxes of “random” stuff that I wouldn’t even know if it got lost. I kept going back and forth trying to decide if I should buy more furniture and storage or to get rid of stuff.  I struggled with this for WEEKS! I think what makes it so tough is that you don’t think you have thaaat much stuff.

I’ve read things that say if you haven’t used or worn something in a year you should toss it out. Great idea in theory, yet I sat there talking myself out of getting rid of every single thing…”but–I got this as a gift, what if that person asks about it”…”I love this sweater, i’ll wear it this year, it’ll look great with these jeans and these boots…yes I have to keep them.” You see where I was getting? Nowhere. Then I decided okay, i’ll just buy an armoire or a bookshelf or something but my gut feeling would kick in saying “Come on, is that really what you should be doing?”

As it may seem obvious to some, the right decision was to get rid of stuff. After talking with Ryan over some amazing Pho (pictures below) I kind of just decided to take action and not have excuses anymore. There is so much stuff that I have just because I have it, and never used it, and wouldn’t even notice if someone threw it away while I was gone. I’m still working on it but it truly feels great to simplify your life in that way. To my surprise, I haven’t missed anything yet. Throughout this process I’ve decided to take on the 100 things challenge  (which is essentially where you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff in your life, and have only 100 items that are yours) but for now i’ll change it to the 200 things challenge, and slowly but surely get rid of all the stuff cluttering my life. I’m excited to simplify my life starting here!


4 thoughts on “Coffee Chat: 100 things

  1. Kate

    I too struggle with getting rid of things…. especially clothing. I always think my life will be so much sadder I’d I get rid of certain pieces… ridiculous is that
    XO, Kate

  2. Megan

    When I lived in London I had the smallest flat ever…it forced me to be selected of stuff I wanted to keep. I learnt that you really don’t need all that stuff to be happy, even the things that have good memories really don’t bring much to the table other than a nice thought. Take it in pieces and cull bits and pieces at a time… it will add up and make a huge difference (hope the move went well besides that dilemma!!!)

    Denton & Lou 


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