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I celebrated my 23rd birthday the other weekend and my lovely boyfriend planned a day full of surprises. We went zip lining in the morning on Lake Travis and then drove out to Fredericksburg to explore a new city! The plan was to visit and hike up to enchanted rock, but it was raining (much needed). When it rains they don’t allow people to hike up to the top so we decided that we could go back another day. We headed off to Fredericksburg and walked around Main St. and shopped around the cutest shops. It was a very cute small town I wanted to buy all the peaches, metal signs, and random trinkets I came across.

We had the most delicious dinner at Vaudeville — I highly recommend. The first floor of the building is a showroom and shop of rare furniture and decor (I fell in love with brass pineapple tumbler that I can’t stop thinking about), and the basement floor is the restaurant, which as you might imagine is set up beautifully. Brass dimmed lighting, sleek marble tables, elegant couches lining the walls all while playing live jazz music. Oh, and if it didn’t get better, there was also a bakery you could order sweets and pastries from. Both Ryan and I ordered the Chicken Pesto Pizza. After we both ordered a pizza one for each of us, we noticed that everyone else ordered one pizza to share…No regrets. The pizza was soooo yummy! Light and thin crust with juicy chicken snuggling in some freshly made pesto. I didn’t get a picture to show you, because I pretty much inhaled it before she could set the plate down. MMMM so good. I definitely plan on going back and visiting the assortment of wineries out there and going to pick some of their delicious peaches! Some of the most delicious peaches (and pizza) I’ve had is from Fredericksburg.

If you’re heading out there anytime soon I’d definitely recommend Vaudeville, but have also heard really great things about a restaurant called Ottos!


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  1. waketonroad

    I seriously love Fredericksburg! It is the cutest little town! I’ve eating at Vaudeville and Otto’s and they’re both amazing! It’s such a fun place to visit and the wineries are amazing! Hope you had a great birthday!

    xo Bryn


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