Hiking Oregon (Lost Pictures)

Boardman FarmIMG_9843IMG_9841IMG_9836 IMG_9812 IMG_9799IMG_1112 IMG_7726 IMG_9796 IMG_9781 IMG_9771 IMG_9624 IMG_9638 IMG_9595IMG_9609 IMG_9578 IMG_9559 IMG_9545IMG_9515 IMG_1097I found some pictures of Oregon that I never posted when I was organizing my computer this weekend, and I figured i’d share them with you! Man, these pictures make me want to go back so bad. The pictures were from the Boardman Tree Farm, Hiking to Tunnel Falls, and Haystack rock on Cannon beach. ALL are a must see and do if you’re spending some time in Oregon.

We were darn lucky to pretty much have Cannon beach all to ourselves! It made the experience so peaceful and giving us a chance to really take in the beauty. We also basically had the hike to Tunnel Falls all to ourselves as well. It took about 6/7 hours to hike! My feet were actually crying, and we saw a guy hiking BAREFOOT on our way back. Now i’m all about being barefoot, but hiking on a rocky mountain? no thanks. Tunnel Falls is a waterfall you hike to in the Columbia River Gorge. You pass multiple other waterfalls while you hike through beautiful forests on a trail built into the cliffside. Something about waterfalls is so mesmerizing. Just standing there next to one, and watching it do it’s thing. I could sit there and watch the water plunge down all day. Tunnel falls was pretty incredible because the hiking trail went right behind the waterfall though a tunnel (hence the name).

I really enjoyed that trip! Going though these pictures made me want to go on a serious hike. To me, hiking is kinda like a reward for your hard work. You hike and climb and balance on rocks to cross potentially dangerous paths to be rewarded with an amazing landscape that takes your breath away and makes you realize how small you are and how much beauty this world has to offer.


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